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CAMP Rock Star

US$ 41.17 US$ 53.09 (-22%)

CAMP Rock Star

US$ 41.17 US$ 53.09 (-22%)

CAMP Energy

US$ 47.12 US$ 53.15 (-11%)


US$ 64.96 US$ 77.96 (-17%)

CAMP Rock Star

US$ 41.17 US$ 53.09 (-22%)

CAMP Rock Star

US$ 41.17 US$ 53.09 (-22%)

CAMP Stalker Universal

US$ 94.36 US$ 126.37 (-25%)

CAMP Titan 2

US$ 60.62 US$ 75.81 (-20%)

CAMP Titan 2

US$ 60.62 US$ 75.81 (-20%)

CAMP Vortex via ferrata set

US$ 72.66 US$ 79.13 (-8%)

CAMP Xenon 4

US$ 82.55 US$ 89.76 (-8%)

CAMP Sonic Alu

US$ 56.68 US$ 94.41 (-40%)

CAMP Trail Vest Light 10 L

US$ 105.06 US$ 118.04 (-11%)

CAMP Alpine Flash

US$ 70.27 US$ 76.77 (-8%)

CAMP Corsa

US$ 100.39 US$ 114.57 (-12%)

CAMP Essential Light Mat

US$ 57.28 US$ 63.77 (-10%)

CAMP Ed 150

US$ 150.58 US$ 212.46 (-29%)

CAMP Minima 2 SL

US$ 259.70 US$ 307.01 (-15%)

CAMP Storm Helmet

US$ 88.58 US$ 94.36 (-6%)

CAMP Vortex Rewind

US$ 94.36 US$ 102.75 (-8%)

CAMP: 125 years constructing mountain equipment in the Italian Alps.

Masters of wrought iron

To talk about the history of C.A.M.P (Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana) we need to take quite a step back in time; the company was founded in 1889 in the beautiful mountain village of Premana, in the Italian Alps, by Nicola Codega, grandfather of the current owners. A wrought iron craftsman by trade, he began manufacturing numerous wrought iron objects, in the Premana tradition, which evolved thanks to the areas strong iron mining community in the 19th century.

30 years later, Nicola's son, Antonio, built his first ice-axe; a state-of-the-art instrument designed to substitute the alpine pole. It was an Italian officer of the mountain troops who, after returning from the 1st WW, understood the need of the alpine battalion soldiers for lightweight & reliable equipment, which would allow them to move about efficiently and so he went to the Codega family for help. This was at the start of the 1920s, and at the time when modern alpine equipment was at its very beginning.

It wasn't long before the name of CAMP became famous among mountaineers and by 1940, before the outbreak of WW2, the factory already had 40 workers.

After halting activity, due to the war, one of the most renowned alpine climbers at the time visited Premana to see the Codega family; his name was Riccardo Cassin. With his charisma, experience and incomparable passion for the mountains, he helped Antonio's 4 children to develop their alpine equipment so that it could take on the new alpine challenges and help make them possible.

During the following 50 years, CAMP continued to develop their ice-axes, crampons, hammers, pitons, nuts as well as many other climbing products and their fame soon spread from Italy to the rest of Europe and further afield, to the U.S where CAMP equipment became a top favourite among alpine climbers.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, C.A.M.P is still working from Premana, its place of birth, in the Alps, to help all those with a love of adventure and nature and for all those who follow the paths of exploration into the mountains.

Still with us, with unwavering enthusiasm after 125 years!

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