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Bestard Trilogy Gtx

US$ 200.26 US$ 218.34 (-8%)

Bestard Alfabia

US$ 101.59 US$ 112.87 (-10%)

Bestard Canyon Guide

US$ 175.99 US$ 194.07 (-9%)

Bestard Aqua Pro

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Bestard Canyon Guide W

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Bestard Urban Travel BG3

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Bestard FF Trek Alpine

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Bestard Travessa

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Bestard Glove GTX W

US$ 101.82 US$ 145.52 (-30%)

Bestard Travessa GTX W

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Bestard Advance K Pro Lady

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Bestard Alpina Shark

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Bestard Flash

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Bestard London

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Bestard Petra W

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Bestard Galicia

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Bestard London

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Bestard Trotter II

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Bestard Andorra BG3

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Bestard G.R. Brain

US$ 156.20 US$ 173.56 (-10%)

Bestard: Boots Hand-crafting in Mallorca

Founded in 1940, in Lloseta, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Bestard, a family business in the best sense of the word, has inherited the tradition of hand-crafted shoes and by doing so, has brought international fame to the island.

Nearly 75 years later, our friends at Bestard continue to show the kind of passion and enthusiasm for producing well-made, hand-crafted products, as is often found in a family business, but the fact that they also dedicate a great deal of time on research and development means that the company has become a renowned benchmark, both in Spain and internationally.

The manufacturing process used to construct their boots in Lloseta employs the latest design and assembling technology but also includes a large amount of manual work provided by the expertise of artisan shoe-makers during the production process.

“We're extremely proud to have reached where we are today, but we've never lost that feeling of belonging to a family; of forming a strong team united by the enthusiasm and satisfaction of working together on something we all feel extremely passionately about: the construction and constant perfection of a mountain boot, designed to provide maximum enjoyment and performance to both mountain enthusiasts and ourselves."

Here at Barrabes we are often in contact with those working at Bestard and we can certainly vouch for that enthusiasm and passion for well-crafted products that defines the brand and which allows them to compete alongside the great Italian brands against the ever-growing production from Asia.

Apart from the excellent quality and design of their boots, their success comes from their wide range of users and distributors – including ourselves – and their team of elite mountaineers from all over the world: “we try to be open, flexible and to work together as a team with our suppliers, distributors, users and our team of experienced mountaineers. With our feet always firmly planted on the ground, we make boots that both mountaineers and our own team would like to wear, based on the feedback and advice given by the users of our products.”

It has been known for family businesses to come to a complete standstill. However, Bestard has not only managed to keep growing, but has actually become a leading company in its field, thanks to their ability to keep up with technological advancements without losing sight of their philosophy.

Truly a “family” company, in the best sense of the word.

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