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Special Offers on Atomic

Atomic Hawx Ultra 110

US$ 422.70 US$ 469.67 (-10%)

Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI + XT 12

US$ 619.97 US$ 704.51 (-12%)

Atomic Hawx Prime 100

US$ 381.62 US$ 422.70 (-10%)

Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W

US$ 381.62 US$ 422.70 (-10%)

Atomic Backland

US$ 560.08 US$ 622.31 (-10%)

Atomic Redster LF SL Mikaela

US$ 126.80 US$ 140.90 (-10%)

Atomic Redster J4 + L 7 ET

US$ 299.41 US$ 352.26 (-15%)

Atomic Redster J2 + C 5 ET

US$ 169.68 US$ 199.60 (-15%)

Atomic Redster J9 RS J-RP + Z10

US$ 359.29 US$ 399.22 (-10%)

Atomic Hawx ultra XTD 120

US$ 634.06 US$ 704.51 (-10%)

Atomic Hawx Magna 110

US$ 380.43 US$ 422.70 (-10%)

Atomic Redster J2 + L 7 ET

US$ 199.60 US$ 234.83 (-15%)

Atomic Backland 78 W

US$ 369.86 US$ 410.96 (-10%)

Atomic Backland UL 78

US$ 698.64 US$ 821.93 (-15%)

Atomic Redster S9 + X 12 TL

US$ 898.25 US$ 1,056.77 (-15%)

Atomic Nomad

US$ 117.41 US$ 129.15 (-9%)

Atomic Backland 85

US$ 457.93 US$ 528.38 (-13%)

Atomic Skin 85

US$ 0.00 US$ 158.52 (-0%)

Atomic Hawx Ultra 90 W

US$ 422.70 US$ 469.67 (-10%)

Atomic AMT SQS

US$ 42.26 US$ 46.96 (-10%)

Atomic: the human factor

In 1955, Alois Rohrmoser and his family began hand-crafting their laminated wood ski boards in their workshop in Wagrain, Salzburg. That year, they constructed 40 pairs of skis; just 2 years later, in 1957, production reached 2,000 pairs a year and they registered Atomic as their brand name.

The end of the 50s and the first half of the 60s served as a period of consolidation for Rohrmoser. News about the high quality of their skis spread like wildfire among the most demanding Austrian skiers as well as throughout the Alps and manufacturing took off at an exceptional rate, but without losing the rhythm that ensured that the same high quality would be kept in the final product. 5,000 pairs at the start of the 60s, 17,000 pairs in 1967, 36,000 in 1968 and 72,000 in 1969. Atomic reached adulthood and began to cater for the elite in 1968, the first year they took part in the World Cup, when Olga Pall won the Olympic gold medal on Atomic skis in Grenoble. The legend had begun.

This legend of Atomic skis, considered by many to be the best skis in the world, is based on 2 essential factors: the passion for skiing that inspired the Rohrmoser family to build their first pair of skis, and which still prevails among their team of workers today; and the level of craftsmanship during the manufacturing process, which still gives fundamental importance to the human factor and quality control in their Austrian factory in Altenmark.

And while we're talking about passion; all the workers at Atomic are skiers who live and breath skiing and the Atomic team is full of world champions from a range of disciplines. It's hard to imagine finding better testers and investigators than those at Atomic. One of the main sportsmen in the Atomic ski touring team, for example, is Spanish Kilian Jornet, who helps develop Atomic skis season after season.

And if you'd like to know just how they assemble and craft their skis, we recommend you watch this video. It clearly shows the perfect balance achieved between cutting edge technology and human mastery used for every single pair of Atomic skis that leaves the factory.

After watching this video it's easier to understand the words of Atomic: “one Atomic ski board has up to 300 individual components: some are materials, such as wood, carbon, magnesium and titanium, but others are made of less tangible materials and are what make each Atomic product special, whether they're boards, boots, bindings or helmets... our workers and their passion.”

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